Executive Summary


The idea behind the Pareto Principle pre-dates the Renaissance.

It was determined that 80% of wealth is controlled by 20% of the people.

Today it is estimated that 1% of the people control 48% of the world’s resources.

The Pareto Principle is still at work.

We can show you how to put it to work for your business.



Business Marketing System

The Business Marketing System has eight modules. The system is designed to increase profits without increasing spending on advertising. First we do a Marketing Audit. This is done via a scheduled phone call appointment  and then a follow up email to provide you with your Profit Quadrant Analysis. If you then decide that this something you can undertake, we will schedule an Opportunity Analysis to see which of the eight modules apply to your business to achieve the maximum results.  Learn more.


Chamber of Commerce Marketing

Do you belong to your local Chambers of Commerce? If you are a member what percentage of their activity winds up going to your bottom-line? Are your membership dues more of a contribution to a charity or community group or a marketing investment?

If your Chamber of Commerce is in need of new strategic thinking then these two modules will come in handy. Module 4 Strategic Marketing Alliances for More Sales, and Module 6 Community Relations and PR for More Sales Learn more.



Become a Highly Paid Consultant

If you enjoy the challenge of working with business owners, community leadership such as churches, civic and social groups, Chambers of Commerce, school boards, and municipality leadership, then this business marketing system may be a way to enjoy income from a part-time job, a second career or a full-time business putting people to work.

What makes this marketing system different is that hidden marketing assets are used instead of spending more money on advertising. Learn more.


About Matthew S. Maginley

These marketing method is in use by many companies from small businesses on Main St. to the companies like the ones that I’ve the pleasure of working with at Ogilvy and Mather.

This method holds that it is more profitable to increase spending to understand the value of existing customers, than to chase new customers. It holds that if one needs new customers then they are attracted to high value, unique sales propositions, and irresistible offers.