The Fiscal Cliff and Congress

I’m looking at the story this morning…. Boehner not at all confident about avoiding the fiscal cliff. With so much at stake maybe Congress would begin the work now and […]

Ten Steps to Cyber Security

Reading a great article by Mr. Trevor Maynard of Lloyd’s of London on protecting your business from cyber attacks.He has put together a great article , as well as fact […]

Discussions of Market Oriented Economic Systems

Milton Friedman At 100 By Deepak Lal Institute of Economic Affairs, London, UK Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA The Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC Cato Institute, Washington, […]

“Six (6) Things You Can Learn to Do by Reading SIRF’s Up”

[wp_socialsend message=”Hi this is Matt. Click this to unlock additional content from the author PLUS Claim Your Free Chapters” link=” “] Go to and click “Like”,  to get exclusive […]

Fast Company Reimagining the 10 Most Creative People in Business

The thing that moved me about Rebecca Van Dyck, and how I could identify with her –  is that media and account work at ad agencies such as Weiden and […]

Turing Google Doodle Puzzle Solutions While the initial task on hand seems to be spelling out the letters g-o-o-g-l-e in binary in six steps. On successfully completing each step the letters of the […]

The Golden Future of Advertising

The issue is whether or not one is using online media as a direct response medium or a general advertising medium. The objectives and strategies are different – and there […]