Top 4 Email Optimization Points

Here is some stuff that nobody tells you about how to make email marketing really successful.

I’m assuming that you already know that Obama raised millions of dollars using email, and continues to do so.  I’m also assuming that you are aware that emails from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid , Madeline Albright, have all gone out telling voters to apply pressure to their Congresional leaders to pass the Health Care reform bill and to send money in to the DNC for the upcoming midterm election cycle.

Trust me email marketing works – but you have to know these four things to use it  effectively – otherwise you might as well be whistling Dixie.

Stuff Nobody tells you about Email marketing and How it Really Works
by Matthew Maginley , Media Consultant
Its not about the size of the list that will raise funds or even win an election . Sure it would be great to have the email of every voter in your state – assuming every voter in your statae HAS email – but even if you had the emails of  just a percentatge of the voters that actully show up to vote – well, that would make a differnce , wouldn’t it?
It is the activity that goes on with the list that makes a difference .
These are the 4 factors that you must optimize in order to have effective email campaigns:
You’ve used Twitter, FaceBook , even bought a list, and now you are ready to send your message. But depending on the reputation of the ISP sending out the email, you may only have 40% of the email actually arrive at the recipients mail box, or winds up getting filtered out.
Out of the 40% of the list that actually arrived, you have to consider what percentage of the mail gets opened. This has everything to do with the subject header, and one other hidden factor that most email marketers overlook ( I’ll get to that in my next post. ) But for now – know there is a way to optimize this.
Everybody knows about click through rate and again, most marketers try to get the reader to take an action to click through to their offer. There is a way to optimize this as well because this all relates to your body copy. Get this wrong and you might as well not have bothered with sending out the email in the first place.
Last but not least is the conversion rate of the page you are sending traffic to.  Naturally you can increase the conversion by tweaking the page and again this is where the rubber meets the road.
I will be covering this topic in more detail in the days  ahead, so stay tuned. Also stay tuned for a private one on one interview that I will be conducting with one of  the leading political email marketing companies.
If you would like to be invited – fill in the form on the home page. Space is limited so do this now- before the opposition finds out about it.

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