5 New Contributors to Follow via American Express OPEN FORUM

In a moment I’m going to share some information about guest contributors on American Express OPEN FORUM, but I first wanted to mention that there is a pervasive quality about our social fabric right now that is toxic. Just watching all of this ballyhoo about the fiscal cliff. I agree that it is wrong for politicians to hold us hostage, but we can’t let it distract us from the work that lies ahead of us. I mean face it, we have always had politicians to deal with in business..this is nothing new.
There are people, businesses and resources that are ready and waiting to help you – just have to be “open” to the possibility that something positive may happen.
  1. Anita Campbell  her latest post talks about this pessimism in SMB’s that is part of the problem that I alluded to in my opening. Great posts about issues impacting small business operations. This author deals with your business psychology or mind-set about success.
  2. Gary Vaynerchuck NJ entrepreneur and author of “Crush It” is one of those rare individuals with a “get it done” and “can do” perspective. Engaging and compelling on many levels but not a heavy blogger on American Express. But with Gary , he only needs to post one thing every month – quality. This author deals with your purpose in life and not the mental side of being motivated but the passion.
  3. Guy Kawasaki– .take a look at this site Alltop.com and let me know what you think. This was one of those “ah-ha” moments that comes along at the right time. Just when we were talking about how content is king. This author examines an aspect of creating a content based structure suited for the web and creating community.
  4. John Jantsch – I’ve been a fan of his “Duct Tape Marketing” for several years now. He’s moved beyond reactive solutions to a more integrated long-term approach and has found a niche in presenting strategic marketing via a Geneis template. Great resource for SMB’s and consultants. This author deals with execution and getting it done with this the greatest efficiency.
  5. Ramon Ray – a great resource Small Biz Technology  and discussions about your business infrastructure and how to keep everything up an running. This is the “IT guy” that makes sure you are up and running, backed-up and also able to take advantage of all that technology offers today.

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