Find a button that you feel works for you based on your perceptions and assumptions.


Guardians Enter Here

In general , Guardians, act cooperatively using concrete words. Follows policy. Supervisor expresses policy and tells others, Inspector examines policy provides POV, Provider connects with impact of policy, Protector identifies with results of policy.

Rationals Enter Here

In general, Rationals, act in a utilitarian way using abstract words. Follows usefulness/tools/resources. Field-marshal envisions big picture, Mastermind group thinks creatively, Inventor problem solves, Architect models structures.

 Idealists Enter Here 

In general, Idealists, act in a cooperative way using abstract words. Follows ideas and concepts. Teacher instills, Counselor sympathizes, Champion empathizes, Healer therapist.

Artisans Enter Here

In general, Artisans, act in a utilitarian way using concrete words. Follows perceptions, tangible and sensory things. Promoter tells of things, Craftperson makes things, Performer connects emotionally about things, Composer creates emotion from sensory perception.