CONFIRMATION: Marketing Audit and Google Verification

CONFIRMATION: Marketing Audit and Google Verification

From:  Matthew Maginley

Matt_Maginley_Media_ConsultantThank you for trusting me with doing this work for your business. This is work that I undertake with the greatest amount of care and diligence. It is the most often overlooked and neglected work that directly influences your prospects and customers.

Before we begin the work there is one thing that is essential to know right upfront: I care about your business and your customers. The purpose of my work is to help your business grow and to help you get the value from the time and effort yo put into running your business. My purpose to to coach, train, educate and do the work that is needed. Not all business owners want to hear the details of the work, they ‘just want it done’, however, I go by the rule ‘do unto others as I would have dune unto me‘, so if I can impart valuable knowledge I see that as my duty as well. That said you could always say , “Matt enough, just do it,” and I will smile and understand. It happens all the time, you wont be the first to tell me to put a sock in it.

The issue is that there is wrong or missing information in the Google My Business registration. It must include an accurate Business Name, Address and Phone Number. The way to see it for yourself is to search with a mobile phone for ” [location], [service your business provides] e.g. Oradell, podiatrist. You will see a list of podiatrists based on your current location and the distance to travel to the business.

  1. Confirm the correct Name, Address and Phone
  2. Check against listings in Reference USA, DMOZ,  and the Universal Business Listing service and provide reports
  3. Verification of your business on Google Products requires a gmail account.
  4. Create Gmail Account for the business and provide you with ID and password.
  5. Verification requires that someone call Google and receive a confirmation code to enter to verify the listing. This must be done on-site. The alternate method is to have Google send out a post card with verification code. Once this is accomplished, it is a matter of adding the necessary content i.e. 10 photos, video) to each of the following Google products.
  6. Google My Business. Confirm information to be input related to business including website address, hours of operation, photos, videos.
  7. Google Maps. Confirm that the Google My Business listing and Maps listing are the same and verified. Add photos to Google Maps listing for higher ranking and greater visibility. Check on desktop and mobile devices.
  8. Google+ : Link the gmail account with Google+ and add content to set-up the business page. i.e. profile photo, banner photo, and information about the social media channel to help rank your website and attract more traffic.
  9. You Tube : Link the gmail account with the video service, set up channel for subscribers and upload videos and tag them for greatest visibility.

BONUS : Competitive analysis of the top 100 competitors in your area. Just need the category you want and the geography you want e.g. State, County, City, zip code, truck route, etc., and we’ll take it from there.

  • showing revenue
  • capital expenditures
  • number of employees

If you want to discuss next steps or anything privately on the phone, just call me directly at (201) 289-2762


Matt Maginley