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“This comes on LOUD because a media campaign doesn’t sneak on air. IT LAUNCHES.”

“I gave this a great deal of thought before putting it out there. And spent my own money to back up the process.”

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“The truth is, and I’m the first to say it … this is a marketing technique that is not for every business owner.”


“So, to the haters out there who don’t do anything concrete to make profits but have something to say about what I do…


gossip-rockwellasseen on… I say to them, if you can’t play in the big leagues, then go sit on the sidelines. This is for real.”

Super Bowl Football

“If you are the best at what you do then go ahead and say it. That is what winners have always done.”


“If are just “good enough”, then go sit on the sidelines, the world does not need another mediocre marketing professional.” 


Bill O’Reilly “as seen on Fox.” I don’t always agree with him, I don’t even like him, but for business, I respect the audience he reaches, and what being associated with him or Fox can do for my business.”

Let’s talk about Managed Media and Marketing Content Solutions for Business

Do you use informative infographics in your marketing? Sure they drive lead generation and create sharing opportunities.

Do you write and provide whitepapers and reports? Absolutely, interactive white papers, and reports drive demand requests.

Finally, do you provide free consultations, assessments or auditing services? I do, it is a great way to demonstrate value for high-ticket services and drive inbound marketing

Press releases are my favorite tool to use for telling the world about infographics,white papers, and assessment and audit service because they can be targeted geographically, tie in with any social media traffic source, carry a video link, provide a poll, set up a survey, create a contest or demand for white paper or report request. Actually a press release can drive any sales conversion.
The bottom line a press releases can get the word out in as little as 24 hours, and are a fun and exciting. As a marketer, there is nothing like seeing your business name being picked up across the mainstream media. I know for a fact, that it is prohibitively expensive to get your business ad onto a local broadcast network affiliate. The production cost alone is in the $5,000 – $10,000 range. To buy the media time you have to buy a schedule, another $5,000 per month with a three month minimum.   If you can afford $20,000 to $30,000 on advertising a quarter, this program will help you even more. If you can’t afford even $5,000 then don’t lose hope. We have a program that can help you, that is affordable and gets results.



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