CT Politics – Cost of Entry $50 million

Regarding the Connecticut primary for the GOP, there’s post on the Anderson Cooper blog, asking the question, if the cost of entry into the race was $50 million.

If the right tools are deployed early on,  a candidate can : 1) raise awareness 2) raise funds 3) energize the base 4) create talking points and do so without spending the kind of money that is getting bandied about in this article ( see link).

A strategic use of email early on in a campaign 1) raises awareness on a one to one basis with voters 2) gives the candidate the chance to do some fund raising with those voters 3) get out the vote to non-voters who may want to register this campaign cycle and ultimately motivate citizens to act.

The bottom-line is that candidates have to take action early on with email campaigns if they are involved in primaries so they have their base well established going head to head with the opposition in the general election.

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