The Four Temperaments


Click on the button that you feel works for you based on your perceptions and assumptions of yourself.

There is no “right or wrong” answer but maybe entertainment as you consider your self-image.

How we see the world impacts what think about things. How the world aligns with our thinking is where our feelings come from.

How we feel colors our perceptions, impacting our thinking our subsequent beliefs and our actions.

Guardians Enter Here

In general , Guardians, act cooperatively using concrete words, and follows policy. Examples include : a Supervisor who expresses policy and tells others, an Inspector who examines policy and provides a report.  Providers connect with the impact of policy.  Protectors identify with results of policy.  Dependable, Beneficent, Respectable

Rationals Enter Here

In general, Rationals, act in a utilitarian way using abstract words and seeks usefulness/tools/resources. Examples include: a  Field-marshal who envisions the big picture, a Mastermind group who thinks creatively, an Inventor who problem solves, an Architect who models structures. Ingenious, Autonomous, Resolute.

 Idealists Enter Here 

In general, Idealists, act in a cooperatively way using abstract words, and follows ideas and concepts. Examples include : a Teacher who instills, a Counselor who sympathizes, a Champion who empathizes, a Healer who provides therapy. Empathetic, Benevolent, Authentic

Artisans Enter Here

In general, Artisans, act in a utilitarian way using concrete words and follows perceptions, tangible and sensory things. Examples include: a Promoter who tells of things,  Craftspeople makes things, Performers who connect emotionally about things, Composers who create emotion from sensory perception. Artistic, Audacious, Adaptable