Google My Business

One of the most challenging things in business today is to keep on top of changes in technology and communications. In fact, it came as no surprise to me that very few business owners have been keeping up with the latest tools that Google offers them. Google Maps, Google Places and the Google Local Business Center have all evolved into Google My Business. This suite of offerings favors mobile helps the rankings in search for business listings.

One of the first things I ask business decision makers as part of my solutions based consulting business is, “Did you claim your listing at Google My Business”

But here’s the headline – this is a free service and listing provided by Google – it will increase your search ranking,¬† and can be used as a powerful tool for business development.

Learn how Google’s My Business¬† can open doors to all kinds of business opportunities.

When you create a Google My Business listing, you help customers find your business when they search locally with mobile as it ties in with Google and Google Maps. This one simple thing will help push your business to the front of the search results for your business name. More importantly, you can use the power of Google’s data to learn where your customers come from and how they find you.

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