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In today’s very competitive marketplace, you need more than web hosting and a web presence. You need the proper marketing tools that help you generate leads, traffic, and ultimately sales. And – you need to know how to use those tools.

The number one problem business owners have today is that they don’t keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis. It costs far less to reach an existing customer than to advertise and try to get a new one. Tell your customers about promotions, sales, special offers, competitive pricing, new products and services.

There are basic tools that are needed to communicate with customers that are used in today’s web and mobile based, media and information driven marketplace. The basic tools have to be in place.

What basic tools? Business owners say “I have a website – what more do I need?” or ” I have a website, why don’t I have more sales.”

For starters, you need a professional email Auto-Responder Service. This is a tool that with one click you can put code on your website, to help you generate tons of leads for your business. You can then communicate with all of your customers anytime, at the click of a button. The cost is zero as compared to the cost of direct mail.

If you want to send coupons, newsletter or video – again you can add this to the email at the click of a button – or have it done on schedule – automatically.

Communicating with your customers is one thing. But what about getting leads? This is a tool that with one click you can put code on your website, to help you generate tons of leads for your business.

If you want to know about changes your competition makes to their website or if a website is down also included is Competition Witness.

Everybody will tell you that you need video now. Are you using Youtube? Are you able to show video privately if you want to without the whole world seeing it unless you know about it? Do you really want your competition to see your video, or just customers and prospects?

The answer is to have Professional Video Hosting. You need to to provide it on demand, at any time, own it and be able to post it YouTube and other places based on your strategy. You need to generate “know , like and trust”. Video hosting elsewhere would cost you thousands of dollars a year. You get professional video hosting services here , absolutely free.

Finally we give a Videoconferencing solution, that allows you to be able to network, and provide support to your client base in real time. Again , another tool elsewhere that would cost you thousands of dollars per year. This one tool alone is probably the greatest contributor to business growth in most large scale sales organizations – problem is – it is expensive. You get it free with hosting.

The reason all of these tools are important is apparent. The question is – how quickly can you learn to use them? Once you learn how to use these tools, it is very easy to get to the next level of a business. These are the basic building blocks. My company provides the education, training and coaching with full support so that you can use these tools for your business.

Here is my 100% no – risk – irresistible offer a 30 day free trial .

But because we want to help and coach as many Mobile Local Forum members as possible here’s what I’m going to do. I will register a web URL and install a WordPress blog for you on that URL if you try the 30 day free hosting and check out the marketing tools that come with it.


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