Honeywell, the Meadowlands Commutershed and Business Development

I’m in agreement with your points but have to do more research to understand how there can be so much construction allowed on contaminated soil in the Meadowlands region as defined by the Heldrich Center, in consultation with the Meadowlands Regional Chamber.  In other words, they will allow some projects but not others. Ball fields, swimming pools, can be considered “beneficial to the community” and fulfill corporate social responsibility, which is a trade off for new business and housing construction which is beneficial to “shareholder value”. Maybe one day NJ news organization editors, as well as, and the Huffington Post, will follow-up and look into accessing independent test data. Once moms realize that the increase in spectrum disorders e.g. autism, in children in New Jersey is linked to environmental contamination, particularly heavy metal e.g. mercury and lead, there will be a huge outcry for government leaders to do something.  Until then, the status quo is that Fortune 100 companies such as Honeywell will pursue activities to boost shareholder value without being held accountable for past sins. But there is another side to this: the growth and safety of this great country of ours is dependent on industry and jobs- many of which were defense contract related. We have to realize that our American lifestyle that emerged from the post war baby and economic booms, also brought about the changes in legislation and policy that increased environmental regulations, and were later blamed for inhibiting economic growth. We are slowly realizing that climactic, environmental and social problems were not caused by liberal media bias related but are based on scientific fact and plain old common sense.


Berry’s Creek study area site

Catellus has been doing remediation work there since 2007.

2009 report was issued and the area is under study.

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