Inside Job- Self Motivation

The question to ask in business or anything else is how do to I become a success seeker rather than a failure avoider? If the primary pattern the brain recognizes is trouble. or to avoid pain, or loss how do I shift that? Am I controlled by consequences but don’t feel controlled?

I know that when I work toward a pleasant outcome or consequence I know I will eventually feel good when I get something. Likewise when I work to get away from an averse consequence I feel controlled. That’s the negative reinforcement. Avoiding being controlled by that voice that says, ” it’s not going to work out”. That’s the idea… to avoid the pain of loss. Such an easy button to push.

But at the same time we want more, do we not? To be more successful, more comfortable, more ease? The choice then is what is the risk, or “what do you have to lose?” A very real question compared to “what do you stand to gain?”

Maybe the perception of choice is the source of the motivation.

It starts with feeling, then emotion to create the perception. And I would say that the feeling starts with the level of the state I’m in.

This thing I’m writing on the inside job is to just clear up any misconception about how it all happens in the world with a person. The choice is the key to motivation and to recognize that no matter what there is always a choice.

Last words…we can always learn form each other if we have the humility to accept feedback and have the courage to speak up with conviction. In that time we are helping each other feel self-motivated.

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