Managed Media Services Shows 3 Steps to More Sales Without Ads

by Matt Maginley July 31, 2014


Managed Media and Marketing Services is a marketing firm based in Westwood New Jersey owned by consultant Matthew Maginley. It focuses on helping small and medium businesses with marketing strategies.

“Businesses can increase sales and profits without spending more money on advertising by starting with these three basic steps. Step one is to find what is unique about the business that gets people to buy from them. Step two is to understand the customer’s buying strategy, and step three is to focus on customer sales rather than prospecting.”

“Businesses all use the same tools: a website, email, mobile marketing, and social media. The challenge for them is to communicate the message of their uniqueness to the right people. If they miss that, what ends up happening is that the business falls into the trap of buying more advertising that addresses the wrong market. That is where we can help them,” says Matt Maginley, President of Managed Media Services and Marketing based in Westwood, New Jersey.

“We show businesses how to see things from the buyer’s perspective and have a message focused on a customer’s buying strategy. It is more effective and profitable for a business to talk to customers about what they want to buy and to understand the strategy for buying than it is to tell and sell. Remember, nobody likes to be sold to, but everybody likes to buy buy things,” Maginley says with a smile.

Having worked in advertising his entire life, Matt Maginley says, “The simple truth is that most people just haven’t been exposed to marketing strategies. We have a complete one-hour presentation that we can do for organizations such as a chamber of commerce, or trade group, or for an individual business. I also make available a full recording of a consultation call where we explain step-by-step a successful strategic marketing plan.

“I’ve worked on major brands my entire life, and these are the fundamental models that make up the basics of marketing. The easiest way to explain it is that advertising is about selling, and marketing is about buying. You can sell against the competition, but you market to your customers. We also help with social media, email marketing, newsletters, and press releases. These are the basics that all companies put effort into, and we cover these basics and then go into an area that many companies overlook. Once we bring it to their attention, they get it immediately. We are looking to do the same for more of the businesses in New Jersey by providing marketing portals similar to the one created for the Hasbrouck Heights Chamber of Commerce,” Maginley says in conclusion.

Managed Media Services and Marketing is a private marketing consultancy based in New Jersey, serving small and midsized business across the United States. Owned by Matthew Maginley, an executive with over 20 years’ experience at companies such as Lintas, Ogilvy and Mather, and Foote, Cone, and Belding.

Managed Media and Marketing Services is powered by an all-in-one marketing solution for independent consultants through a reseller agreement with GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities, based in San Antonio, TX, which provides hosting, email, and webconferencing. He may be reached at (201) 289-2762 or emailed at matt(at)maginley(dot)info.

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We provide help to business owners who desire to get to the next level with their business. Bringing over 20 years of corporate Fortune 500 ad agency experience and "street smarts" from working with entrepreneurs and local business owners.