Initial Consultation – Introduction to the Full Business Marketing System


Marketing Map System

Step one is to make sure your customers can easily find what they are looking for. If they know your name, address and phone number, or part of it, they should be able to easily find you without laborious searching.

Getting your business properly listed is essential to the success of your business but it the most often ignored part of the marketing process. Ironically, it is very inexpensive to execute, just requiring some effort and organization.



Profit Quadrant

Step two is to assess if your business is currently profiting from a strong strategy as compared to strong operations. This quadrant is a simplification of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and provides a discussion point for what will be covered in the next step.

Some businesses have a great vision, strongly defined unique selling proposition, or extra value proposition and need help with implementation and execution of their ideas. Some businesses have excellent infrastructure with strong operations in place driving profits and are one idea away from business growth.

In either case the information for next steps is readily accessible.



Comprehensive Consulting System

Step three is an in depth audit that takes into account what your customers currently thing about your brand, how they interact with it , and purchase products and services from you.

The audit provides a comprehensive list of action items that are grouped into sever areas, all designed to increase sales without spending more money on advertising.

What makes this marketing system different is that legacy assets are created for the firm using already existing assets.