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An Anonymous Op-Ed

Three may keep a secret if two are dead
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My post about op-eds must’ve been seen at the White House and the New York Times. Just kidding of course. It was just coincidence. Read it here if you’d like. I made the claim that pound for pound, a direct route for mission statements, brand attributes, launches and policy is to get the credibility,¬† authority¬† and reach of an op-ed.

Somewhere in the news cycle there was also the Nike / Kapernick drop, but that was a controlled, researched and overtly planned media event. The op-ed can be done that way as well, but as long as it follows a current event, is topical and written by an expert publishers will consider it. We have access to professionals who can write op-eds and help get them placed. Of course only some clients have the perfect storm of topical POV, expertise and authority. That would be the bad news. The good news is once over the hurdle of the first time the next time is easier because authority builds on authority.




The lesson

See the power of the press for what it is – the most basic freedom in action. For marketers it is a force that is underused, misused and in some cases, some would argue misused. Add it to your marketing mix, revisit it often not just in times of crises or damage control but as a way to shape the dialogue.

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