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“MediaQuant, a firm that computes the financial value of media coverage pegged to advertising rates, concluded that by the spring of 2016 Trump earned close to $2 billion in free press attention far eclipsing his Republican or Democratic adversaries.”

Chapter 18 “Good Bye Old Advertising Axioms.” Frenemies: the Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else), by Ken Auletta, Penguin Press, 2018.

$2 Billion Worth of Free Media for Donald Trump

62 percent of American get their news from Facebook.

90 percent of American consult a second screen while watching TV.

The attention span of a goldfish (9 seconds) according to a Microsoft study, exceeds that of a human (eight seconds.)

Chapter 18 “Good Bye Old Advertising Axioms.” Frenemies: the Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else), by Ken Auletta, Penguin Press, 2018.

We have all heard of influencers. In the age of the internet and social media there has evolved a personality in media that is part showman part salesperson.

What gives an influencer their power?


The perceived value of an Influencer is their relationship with an audience as a trusted authority to endorse or demonstrate expertise with a product.

“Digital personalities, in fact, have become a part of a larger marketing strategy known as influencer marketing, and it is this type of marketing that Millennials accept and trust. Adweek published a study in which 57% of millennials state they are willing to view sponsored content from a brand as long as it includes authentic personalities and is entertaining and useful.

Arnold, Andrew. “Millennials Hate Ads But 58% Of Them Wouldn’t Mind If It’s From Their Favorite Digital Stars.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 24 Mar. 2018,

Deal, Jennifer J. “Five Millennial Myths.” Strategy+Business, 28 Feb. 2012,

87% do approve product placements in videos e.g. when an influencer demonstrates a product or shouts out to a sponsor.

84% of Millennials stated that did not like traditional marketing and, what’s more, they didn’t trust it.

57% of millennials state they are willing to view sponsored content from a brand as long as it includes authentic personalities and is entertaining and useful.

Arnold, Andrew. “Millennials Hate Ads But 58% Of Them Wouldn’t Mind If It’s From Their Favorite Digital Stars.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 24 Mar. 2018,

Authority Always Wins

As a brand marketer, it is your responsibility to compete to claim authority within a given category as the brand leader, as the best choice, the best option, the highest quality, the greatest value, that money can buy.

To extol the virtues of a product or service merely by advertising and calling attention to it its existence pales in comparison to a well-placed news article that compares the benefits and value of the product or service within the context of the entire category of products with which it competes.

Sadly most products and services fall into the latter category, scrambling over each other to gain a share of voice within and all too crowded and noisy environment of knock-offs, substitutes, and low-quality, ill-fitting solutions, that have yet to be tested in the crucible of the marketplace.

To be newsworthy, to be quoted, to be cited as a brand authority is to be recognized as a brand leader. One who is seen as breaking new ground within a category. Authority is a leadership role and a position relegated to those who have demonstrated innovation and originality. It cannot be achieved by shouting from above the din of the crowd. Quite the contrary it is a voice that is sought after to guide and inspire us.

Build Authority with the Press Release

Before beginning a campaign for advertising, hiring a new executive, engaging in a new strategy, opening and tapping new markets, investing in research, merging with another company, acquiring another company, encouraged to craft an accurate, fact-based document for public consumption by the news media and all of its myriad digital forms known as a press release.

A press release should be made available along with information about the company such as its location, its history, mission statement, and biographical information and photographs of the leading executives charged with the leadership of the company.

Distribution of the Press Release

Time and care should be taken to prepare these documents ahead of time so that they can be distributed along with the press release at the strategic time of its announcement. It is better to make these materials readily available to journalists so that they have them at their fingertips rather than ask them to rout around on your website to try to find and download the information.

In doing so you are making information available to news gatherers, journalists, and content creators who are active in the social media day in and day out searching for stories to write about, things that are new and impact the lives of their readers.

Journalism as Authority

Journalists must have a reputation for being able to deliver accurate, fact-based stories. Although the profession of journalism may be questioned by some, there is a need to find and tell the truth about a story that is the gold standard to which these professionals aspire.

Our modern civilization and U.S Constitution is based upon the idea of a free and independent press to inform, and educate the constituency in order to achieve freedom. It was this desire for freedom that led to the American and French Revolutions.

Historical Shift of Authority

France under the Ancien Régime has divided society into three estates: the First Estate (clergy); the Second Estate (nobility); and the Third Estate (commoners).

“Estates of the Realm.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 10 May 2019,

Gordon, Robert, et al. “The Fight That Changed Political TV Forever.” POLITICO Magazine, 4 Aug. 2015,

The term Fourth Estate or fourth power refers to the press and news media both in the explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues. Though it is not formally recognized as a part of a political system, it wields significant indirect social influence.

“Fourth Estate.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 24 Apr. 2019,

The Fifth Estate is a socio-cultural reference to groupings of outlier viewpoints in contemporary society, and is most associated with bloggers, journalists publishing in non-mainstream media outlets, and the social media or “social license”

“Fifth Estate.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 1 Apr. 2019,

Law Firms with Authority Get Attention

For example, law firms can establish authority within a specific practice area to enhance their credibility rapport and trustworthiness. In many cases, the authority is unquestioned but not well known. Members of law firms routinely publish articles white papers amicus briefs and other professional Publications and trade journals Association journals and the news media but these may not reach the average reader looking for stories they can dig their teeth into.

What law firms have not become accustomed to is publishing such material on their own for their own benefit within their own control. Indeed self-publishing would be a description to actually describe this practice.

Not all law firms can afford to have a full-time PR company at their beck and call to create press releases for them. Indeed it is expensive to have a full-time PR person on staff as well. Another option is to enlist the aid of a freelance PR professional who has experience in your field, or area of practice.

They can craft news media-friendly press releases, as well as have contacts in the news media such as reporters and editors looking for stories to publish from reputable sources that can be cited as authorities.

Opportunity for Solo Practionioner

This is a big opportunity for solo practitioner law firms to get into the game as authorities within their practice area. One well-placed article in a mainstream publisher, the local paper, a magazine can lead to TV and radio appearances to solidify the authority on the subject.

One good placement can be seen by other journalists and reporters who also are seeking credible and authoritative sources for their articles. There is a snowball effect that once started, it becomes much easier to get things published as the reporter will return time and time again to source for fresh insights, and new perspectives as the news happen.

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