Social Media Traffic System

A business needs a social media traffic system and strategy for engagement.

Set goalsSet the Right Goals

Set a measurable goal for your brand. Base it  on what social media the buying target uses/ Use dayparts  Research the target so the right platforms at the right time is used so money is not wasted and traffic lost.

Align Content with Platform

Some platforms are better for video than for writing, some are better for photos than for video. Match the content to the needs of the platform. Content is not one size fits all. Good writing can be  the basis for press releases, op-eds, video, podcasts, webinars. Be mindful of this. Video is effective when used correctly.


Remember that it is about engaging the person using the info. This includes complaints. Respond to any kind of feedback. People within the organization should be aware of a social media policy to guide them how to interact and engage on social media. Make it consistent with media policies policies for phone and email.

Be yourself to be authentic and engage customers. Don’t over sell. Nobody likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy. Learn the difference and communicate it.

Why a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager can help with any and all of these areas.

Make sure that the social media manager can implement a system which builds social community and that information about that community makes it into the sales pipeline or marketing funnel. Social media management is more that re-posting articles to Facebook. Make sure that your brand has someone willing to create original content on your behalf. They should be creating specific graphics and videos that others can share to build your brand. Use original content to bring the audience to the website and increase virality.

What is the Social Media Traffic System?

Our Social Traffic System integrates graphics,  videos and WordPress to generate free traffic from Facebook and Google+.

Graphics or video are placed on Facebook or Google+ must have a URL that tracks back to the originating website.

The audience goes from the post on social media to the article. The traffic goes away from the brand not towards it.

We implement this system on behalf of our clients as a done for you service by installing a simple WordPress plugin on the website that publishes configured content.

We can also license the software to you and can train others at your business to this for you as a DIY.

If you’d like to pick up a copy and try for yourself it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.