The Highest Aspirations of Human Civilization – OMG !

I wrote this in response to the Mark Call Internet Blog. In it, he discusses the protocol of communication. He created something called M.A.D. marketing – the idea of making a difference rather than making a profit. Then goes on to say – make a comment – use Facebook.

The Web 2.0 is the most reflexive medium yet. The pop cultural icons as seen in anime long form icons “Akira” and “Ghost In the Shell”, which suggests a mutation and subsequent societal shift when technology and biology meet to create a sentient being who emerges from the internet and finds a human host,

to the classic silent film “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang,  presented here with an updated soundtrack in 1984 , and again in an HD trailer for the newly restored master

From the ads written on the ancient walls of an alley in Rome leading to the Flavian Amphitheatre, to the blog posts on the Starz “Spartacus” blog – there will be diverse, engaging compelling and controversial communications.

And here is the rest of the commentary that I did not post to his blog:

I can’t but help get the feeling that we are all making copies of our lives for some purpose unbeknownst to us all. For a cell to grow the cell splits and the DNA is replicated. So , how many digital photos can be taken over and over of people standing in front of various landmarks? How many blog , Facebook and Twitter posts, can be created to reference other tweets, blogs and Facebook posts? Are we not replicating the human experience on a massive scale – in minute detail?

When monks had to hand copy literature, it limited the availability of education, knowledge and progress. Today I can carry hundreds of thousands of books in a Kindle, or iPhone or Blackberry ( yes and if you click this link you can buy those items through

And even so have we become more intelligent? Are the highest viewed videos on YouTube content from major universities such as M.I.T ( the web page for the course is here or watching the effect of gravity on a human being in motion?

For Mark Call and all of the Internet marketers out there – don’t merely make a difference in your marketing – make a difference in your life. You’ve just been taken to the Matt.

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