Description of the Primary Consulting We Provide

Hi my name is Matt Maginley,President and Consultant for Managed Media Services and Marketing.

We help business owners focus on getting more business by using resources they already have, but are not using.

We offer three programs, one of which is suited for you and your business:

1. Executive Consulting for owners who are thinking about retaining a marketing consultant to work with their team. You can retain me to work one-on-one with you, or a team member to provide research , insight and ideas.

2. Marketing Consulting for specific goals you have in mind but need help getting them started and need someone to develop a plan, implement and manage the plan, and work with sales to be accountable for revenue results.

3. Media Consulting for specific media projects that you need someone to implement for you such as social media, video, websites, mobile marketing.

We also provide support for organizations such as Chambers of Commerce to increase their membership growth, and increase revenues for their members and community.

If you are a consultant and need Clients please contact me directly as we have have resources to joint venture with you for you to reach your business goals.

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