Your Marketing Profile

When I talk to business owners about marketing I sometimes discover that there are gaps in understanding about how all the various components in a marketing stack come together: SEO, social media, email, video, pay-per-click, etc. It is no wonder because today’s marketing stack is an interwoven array of outbound media going to different places designed to provide a feedback stream of data. Depending on one’s point of view in the ecosystem there are be different priorities, different measurement and different agendas.

It may be difficult to know what’s a priority and who’s judgement to trust. It is especially difficult if having made many business decisions without outsiders to suddenly have to trust someone with something that requires an investment of time to understand.

Good marketing reflects core values and a commitment to the business and the delivery of service to customers. I bring transparency, clarity, and understanding to earn trust. Every dollar invested in marketing expenses brings an identifiable ROI.