Message to the Business Owner

Do you want to reach your revenue and profit goals? Would you like reduce marketing expenses ? Most agencies, and media companies want to provide you with services that support a business model of selling media metrics. I know because I’ve worked in both areas. Ogilvy and Mather Advertising and Time Warner Cable.

  • True : Media is a product that has no value until someone is willing to buy it.  The metrics are the estimated measure of value for which they take your money.  In order for media to be sold, the metrics have to be compatible with all media so they can be combined. The value is not the same across the board for all advertisers.
  • False: Media is scare. Some media is more scare than others. Certain media is perishable, not all. Today there are many ways to reach an audience that is interested in your product or service.

Here are the two main reasons most business people are left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to marketing and media:

  • Reason 1: To compete for attention in the marketplace a business is competing with media companies for their customer’s attention. It is a fallacy that people want to see ads. Ads suck. They interrupt programming. They are intrusive. Nobody really wants to see ads. Yet, we live in an environment where on average people are exposed to 10,000 messages a day according to the American Marketing Association. We block most of them out so we don’t get overloaded and go insane. You know this from your own experience , and yet you are told to run ads.
  • Reason 2: Logically the only way to compete with media is with media. In a word this media is called content. In practice, think of it as anything that is sensed or perceived. Sight, sound and motion. Things that are seen, and heard. Businesses are now in the media business and need to create content and get it in front of prospects. You don’t want to be in the media business. You want to provide the best for your customers and run the business.

What we do at Managed Media Services and Marketing is to research the audience that purchases your product or service, and create the message for the medium that they use that matches their buying strategy.