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Audit and Consultation

Businesses have three specific problem areas that are costing them money. When you fix these three areas you will have more clients/customers and prospects. You can choose from our " do-it-yourself" marketing guide, or use our "done for you" managed option.

Media Services

If you are not getting sales results from your marketing assets,  we provide a scheduled program of content placement to engage your customers/clients and prospects. You can choose from our " do-it-yourself" marketing guide, or use our "done for you" managed option.

Pareto Principal 80/20 Marketing System

If you have customers and need to get a short-term bump in sales, then focus attention on the top 20% of your customers/clients that provide 80% of sales. You can choose from our " do-it-yourself" marketing guide, or use our "done for you" managed option.

Fibonacci “1-to-1″ Marketing System

If you lack customers due to being in start-up mode, or re-launch, this system provides a flood of new customers. You can choose from our " do-it-yourself" marketing guide, or use our "done for you" managed option.

Hidden Marketing Assets

This is the "classic" marketing system which in use globally in virtually every vertical market. Step by step process for established companies who have customers and sales but want a 20 to 30% gain in revenue in 90 days.  We do provide a "do-it-yourself" marketing guide , but we recommend an appointment for a consultation to learn more.

Chamber of Commerce Marketing System

Our signature marketing system combines all of our programs under one roof specifically for local chambers of commerce. With one subscription, your chamber of commerce can provide all of our Managed Media and Marketing Services at no charge to you with your chamber membership.
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A message from Matthew Maginley

When providing marketing and business consulting services it is essential to know about the business and the person running the business. Successful consulting has more to do with helping the business owner deal with issues related to their comfort zone, and their need for certainty. Since the greatest results come when we are outside of our comfort zone, the feeling of uncertainty can prevent progress, even if the business owner wants to make changes in the business. We understand this and show business owners our strategy step-by-step so they can keep within their comfort zone and maintain the feeling of being in control. This is what makes my consulting practice and strategies unique.
Matthew Maginley

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What our clients say

Matt is the consummate marketing professional- he has a broad understanding of all media, is a creative problem solver, understands the consumer/marketer dynamic and is able to implement solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, while staying within budget. I wish all my clients were as open to innovation as Matt!

George B.

George B.

Managing Partner, Media Service Company

Matt displayed the courage and intelligence to prevail in a very competitive market – he is not only a hard worker but a gifted salesman.

Rob A.

Rob A.

Vice President, New Business Development

Matt was the most organized and hard working executive at AdOutlet. In a very difficult, start-up environment, Matt was able to stay positive and continue to move the business forward.

Brian Q.

Brian Q.

Senior Vice President, Ad Sales

I credit Matt with much of what I learned about Media early in my career. He’s extremely motivated, insightful and creative. It was a great experience working with him at TSR, and I would jump at a chance to do so again in the future.

Mitch C.

Mitch C.

Associate Media Director / Buyer

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