Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2006, Managed Media Services and Marketing has served the business community by executing strategies to increase revenues by increasing customers, sales and profits. As technology changed, we saw the need from a broader portfolio for done for you services.
In 2020 we invested in marketing automation expertise through Sharp Spring.
In 2021, we became licensed in health, and life insurance in New Jersey and added to our subject matter expertise the Series 7 license.
Strategically, in 2023 we added partnerships with several leaders in the Fintech industry to our portfolio of managed services.
Our mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs secure fast and fair financing to save time and nurture sustainable and manageable growth.

What Makes Managed Business Services So Special?

We’ve talked to business owners and asked them what business services they needed. We then formed relationships with service providers then gave them what they asked for: advertising and marketing, alternative finance options, cost reduction strategies, and AI enablement.¬†

Where Can I Find Case Studies of How You Help Companies?

Our marketing and case studies can be found on our Managed Media and Marketing website under case studies. Case studies with ROK Financial, David Allen Capital, and National Business Capital, will be available soon.

What Types Of Companies Can You Work With?

We work primarily with small and medium-sized businesses for financing and media and marketing services. For Ocaceus  and workers compensation savings of 20-50% we work with companies with 100+ employees.

What Services Do You Provide?

We provide digital marketing services, alternative financing, and cost-reduction strategies. 

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