Hi my name is Matthew Maginley and welcome to Managed Media Services and Marketing.  It is my goal to inform, educate and inspire you to enhance, optimize and improve your marketing efforts to increase sales. I focus on 3 areas with you to increase revenues. These are things you are already doing:

  1. Increase customers per month
  2. Increase number of transactions per month
  3. Increase units and value per transaction

We do this by :

  1. Converting traffic to your store, website or social media platforms into prospects.
  2. Improving the closing ratio of prospect to customer/client.
  3. Increasing the value of a customer /client.

Again, these are things you are already doing.  So what’s the problem? Well, you have to tell me where you think you need help, and I’ll say whether I think it is something you can tweak yourself.  Ideally you should already be interacting with your customers regularly.

You should have in place:

  1. A Point of Sale (POS) system with payment processing optimized for cash flow.
  2. A Customer Relations Management (CRM) software for customer profiles.
  3. A process in place to create optimized repeat sales, and converting prospects to customers.

It all may boil down to applying the data that you already have. But the last item, having a process to create repeat sales and converting prospects to customers is the primary area of need.


We help business owners focus on getting more business by using resources they already have but are not using.

We offer three programs, one of which is suited for you and your business:

1. Executive Consulting for owners who are thinking about retaining a marketing consultant to work with their team. You can retain me to work one-on-one with you, or a team member to provide research, insight, and ideas.

2. Marketing Consulting for specific goals you have in mind but need help getting them started and need someone to develop a plan, implement and manage the plan, and work with sales to be accountable for revenue results.

3. Media Consulting for specific media projects that you need someone to implement for you such as social media, video, websites, mobile marketing.




We provide these fast traffic strategies:

  • Google My Business optimizaton
  • Press release and content creation


We set-up and implement services where you engage clients and cusomters:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Social media platforms


Convert engagement to a sale with an automated sales funnel

  • Facebook Ad Services
  • Google Ad Services

Creative Services

We provide these media services:

  • Writing
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Services and Visual Arts, such as Photography, and Video
  • Music and Audio for  Webinars and Podcasts

Marketing Services

We set-up and implement these services:

  • Google My Business /Google AdWords
  • Press Release Publishing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising

Business Solutions

We provide these business solutions:

  1. Complete Marketing Audit and Strategy Development Consultation
  2. Custom Marketing System Plan and Execution
  3. Day Fast Start Program at Your Business
  4. Full Project Implementation
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