Message to the Business Owner

Matthew MaginleyDo you want to reach income and profit goals?  Do you want the marketing investment to provide a ROI?

The only way to accomplish this is to create marketing objectives to support business objectives. The media objectives and strategies are the only thing that gets adjusted once the business and marketing objectives are set.

Agencies and media companies provide services that support a business model of selling and reporting media metrics. All metrics need to tie back to leads and conversions. The challenge is the myriad configurations of touch points and the order of in which they happen is as unique as every individual.

On the one hand all communications is optimally personalized, and on the other it needs to be part of a system scaling across hundreds if not millions of end users, customers and clients.

What we do at Managed Media Services and Marketing is research the audience that purchases your product or service, and create the message for the medium that they use that matches their buying strategy. Before we even get to that point we discuss the business goals and put the marketing goals in alignment with the business goals. Once we have the marketing goals we can set up the media objectives and strategies.


Our Services


Ecommerce is an important part of every business. Customers like shopping from their iPhone or Android with apps. Develop sales channels appropriate to your brand and customers. Use the social medium and platform suited to customer's needs.

Website Development

Website require maintenance, upgrades, and above all monitoring for security. Data flowing through your site is trusted data and its care is a responsibility. Smooth tracking of sales, leads, SEO, and capturing data.


Podcasts are the evolution of telephony and radio for on-demand listening. We provide complete production solutions from pre-production, scheduling, and distribution.


Webinars. The ultimate content strategy. Meld sight, sound and motion with engagement, list building and lead generation. We provide both LIVE and automated solutions

Free Assessment and Diagnostic Consultation

We provide a free diagnostic report that is an assessment of your basic business visibility and performance online. You provide your business objectives and we provide a strategic outline of how to meet them. The first step to getting the diagnostic done is to take the marketng quiz.

Email Marketing

Email marketing keep customers aware of sales and new products. We write specific emails for newsletters, email blasts and lead generation for business. We recommend, set-up and configure email series for auto-responders.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is essential to SEO as well to encourage sales. We have systems that check for your business reputation online and how it impacts your SEO and ranking. We also provide systems that can make sure your reputation is optimized by showing good reviews online and minimizing the appearance of negative reviews.

Google My Business

We assist with claiming, populating and optimizing usage of various Google assets such as Google My Business, Google +, Google Places, You Tube and Google Maps for business owners who don't have the time to tackle this. We can also handle getting citations from other directories that help with SEO.

Lead Funnels

The purpose of business is to acquire prospects that convert into customers. Media assets are developed for the purpose of strategically moving them through a process or lead funnel whereby your business can convert them into a customer.

Social Media

We provide the full spectrum of services related to social media that are based on strategies of reaching and engaging the individual interested in your product or service.

LinkedIn Profile

We can help with your LinkedIn profile, business page and to help with your business to business efforts. We also writes articles, op-eds, white papers, and reports provide additional engagement for the LinkedIn community.

Press Releases

If you are not getting sales results from your marketing assets,  we provide a scheduled program of content placement to engage your customers/clients and prospects. You can choose from our " do-it-yourself" marketing guide, or use our "done for you" managed option.

Op- Ed

If you have customers and need to get a short-term bump in sales, then focus attention on the top 20% of your customers/clients that provide 80% of sales. You can choose from our " do-it-yourself" marketing guide, or use our "done for you" managed option.


If you lack customers due to being in start-up mode, or re-launch, this system provides a flood of new customers. You can choose from our " do-it-yourself" video marketing guide, or use our "done for you" managed option.

Content Marketing

Strategies for placement of non-promotional media that are educational, entertaining or informative to create attention, interest and desire to buy your product or service.

Hidden Marketing Assets

This is the "classic" marketing system which in use globally in virtually every vertical market. Step by step process for established companies who have customers and sales but want a 20 to 30% gain in revenue in 90 days.  We do provide a "do-it-yourself" marketing guide , but we recommend an appointment for a consultation to learn more.

What our clients say

Matt is the consummate marketing professional- he has a broad understanding of all media, is a creative problem solver, understands the consumer/marketer dynamic and is able to implement solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, while staying within budget. I wish all my clients were as open to innovation as Matt!

George B.

George B.

Managing Partner, Media Service Company

Matt displayed the courage and intelligence to prevail in a very competitive market – he is not only a hard worker but a gifted salesman.

Rob A.

Rob A.

Vice President, New Business Development

Matt was the most organized and hard working executive at AdOutlet. In a very difficult, start-up environment, Matt was able to stay positive and continue to move the business forward.

Brian Q.

Brian Q.

Senior Vice President, Ad Sales

I credit Matt with much of what I learned about Media early in my career. He’s extremely motivated, insightful and creative. It was a great experience working with him at TSR, and I would jump at a chance to do so again in the future.

Mitch C.

Mitch C.

Associate Media Director / Buyer