Honeywell, the Meadowlands Commutershed and Business Development

I’m in agreement with your points but have to do more research to understand how there can be so much construction allowed on contaminated soil in the Meadowlands region as […]

Apply for a grant for your school for Hurricane Sandy Relief

If your school suffered damage during Hurricane Sandy, edWeb has informed me of an opportunity for schools to receive a grants towards rebuilding efforts. In April, Princeton University students are […]

How to Use Twitter for a Brand New Start Up

Jeff Molander commented on How do you recommend using Twitter for a brand-new startup business with no following?: Make a bee-line for: Make a bee-line for: Monitor it using the RSS feed […]

5 New Contributors to Follow via American Express OPEN FORUM

In a moment I’m going to share some information about guest contributors on American Express OPEN FORUM, but I first wanted to mention that there is a pervasive quality about our social […]

Most Important Trends in Tech revenue and Journalism for Local Media

NetNewsCheck takes a look forward into the coming year at some of the most important trends in tech, revenue and journalism in store for local media. 1. Video will be […]

AMD and Microsoft

One of the concerns of students today is whether or not they should go into debt to pay for higher education. The trend of technology suggests that by the time […]

The Complete Myth of Local Advertising – Shelly Palmer

I got an email from Shelly Palmer today. You can read about him at the very bottom of this post. The reason I put this post here is to highlight […]